God’s Caring Friends

God’s Caring Friend’s is the Homeless Ministry of Grace Christian Fellowship.

CORE MISSION: To help those in need. We assist transients, as they travel through the area, with counseling, food and shelter when they are available, and other needs.

We counsel local residents with the word of God concerning work ethics and home maintainance. We also provide Abuse Counciling, and food and clothing when available.

God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit lead us to help those in need as Jesus Christ commanded.

All offerings for God’s Caring Friends are tax deductible. When you help us, you help the homeless and needy.

CORE VISION: Many homeless are addicts. Their addiction has caused them to lose sight of reality. Some are homeless due to family violence and/or neglect. Some simply no longer have a desire to be a part of society.

Our vision is to introduce people to Jesus Christ, find the roots of their problems, reconcile family relationships and prove to them that people do care.

CORE VALUE: I was homeless, depressed and lost. I was saved by Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit. For 21 years I have been a delivered addict.

Since receiving Jesus Christ in my life, I have endeavored to help others, in the same manner that someone else being led by Jesus Christ, helped me.

Through 21 years of walking with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit I have planted many seeds. I have achieved becoming a master in a licensed trade, received certification to be a Christian Counselor and became an Ordained Minister through Grace Christian Fellowship.